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Devious Disruption: All foes or only those in LoS/Range?

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Devious Disruption: All foes or only those in LoS/Range?

Does Devious Disruption remove Attack and Defense tokens from all foes, or just those foes in range and LoS?

For instance, Baron Blade is fighting the Freedom Five. He's at elevation 1. Absolute Zero has 2 +defense tokens, is 3 hexes away, and there's no intervening terrain. Bunker has 3 +attack tokens, is 2 hexes away along a cardinal and at elevation 1, but the intervening hex is elevation 2. Legacy has 3 +attack tokens, is 6 hexes away, but there's an elevation 4 hex in the way. Tachyon and Wraith each have +2 attack tokens but are 9 hexes away.

Who loses tokens and how many dice does Baron Blade roll when he uses Devious Disruption?

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No range limit, it would be everybody line of sight or not.