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December Deals?

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December Deals?

I wanted to order the December Deal Tourney pack for Sentinels Tactics. How do you get the 70% off? Is there a Promo code? It keeps coming up as $99. Don't get me wrong $99 is cheaper than list, but it is not 70% off. Unless my math is wrong.

3 sets of painted minis ($45 each) = $135

Tactics = $40

Uprising = $20

Promo Cards = $5

Total = $200

70% Discount = $140

New Total = $60

What am I doing wrong?

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Each of the three painted minis is normally $90. I realize the store is showing it for $45 for each of those now. Perhaps that's a separate discount.

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Yes! There is a separate discount off of the MSRP for just the painted minis.

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