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Cult of Gloom Rolecall

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Cult of Gloom
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Cult of Gloom Rolecall

A place for folks to share the membership cards handed out at Gencon! You may come up with your own gloomy title, or request for one to be given to you.


Soverign of Sorrows and Writer of Letters: Brian Jewett

Artist of Agony: Adam Rebottaro

This Seat Reserved For: Christopher Badell

Sir Not Appearing in Any Live Action Films: Guise

Shipper of Suffering: Jeysie

OG Profane Zealot :UXM266

Director of Depression: Rasmus P Degn.

Warden of Woe: Pricyprovinces

The Undying: Taffyman

Remember, don't turn that frown upside down! Turn it into Eldritch Power to summon our Dark Master to Spite a world that has wronged you.