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Collection Limits

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Collection Limits

When making NPC heroes for your campaign, how many collections do you give them if any to represent previous heroic experiance? do you limit it to one? or do you vary it to show heroes of very different experiance levels?

what would be your maximum collections you give them and why? how would you show and highlight a hero with decades of experiance against one of a year or two?



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I wouldn't create an NPC hero. Too likely for the NPC to steal the spotlight from the PCs, and it would definitely make my control as GM over the NPC take far longer during the action, which I try to avoid as I want the heroes taking as much of the time as possible. 

I'd might use a die to represent the NPC and assign it some special abilities that emulate the NPC without taking the spotlight away from the PCs. Or just make the NPC a specific set of impacts on the action, the way the experienced NPC heroes are shown in Urban Infestation, on page 10. (Trying to avoid spoilers with that one. ;-) 

But that's just me. :-) 

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