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Cold War/Alternate Realities

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Cold War/Alternate Realities

With the advent of the ARG alluding to alternate reality crossovers, I though it might be cool to post a story I had going a while back about a Prolo/AZ ideology flip.

I just did what would amount to a bio insert for the characters, while trying to change the smallest event possible to see what could happen.

AZ, Altered

When Ryan Frost entered a coma after the explosion in the Pike Industrial labs, a hotshot reporter wanted to use the incident to expose Pike Industries' shoddy safety practices and questionable lack of regulation or oversight. The lengths that Graham Pike and his cabal of cronies had to go to in the process of silencing this reporter were unprecedented, even for Pike. Fearing what might happen if the story were allowed to get out unexpectedly, he decided to write the next chapter himself.

In a large press conference, his public relations manager stood next to Frost's cryogenic stasis chamber and told the world about how this presented an unfortunate, but unparalleled opportunity for cryogenic research in humans, and that Frost would be sent to a promising new state-of-the-art facility that had recently been established in the arctic circle. Everyone applauded Pike Industries for sticking by their employees, and taking responsibility for those they had harmed.

Unbeknownst to the world, there was no facility in the arctic circle. Instead, Frost was shipped to a small Lithuanian town near the border with Latvia. There he was awoken by a clever gentleman who promised Frost the opportunity to have purpose in life again, a mission to fight for, a cause to uphold; the man who killed his beloved would know the full capacity the human heart had for revenge.

Frostbite now marches with the Baron, bringing the sweetest dish of all to their enemies: revenge.


And then, a Flipped Prolo:

Aleksandr Tsarev had been cryogenically frozen and hidden away by the USSR in a military bunker, only to be forgotten about for years. Eventually, with the fall of the iron curtain, and the split of the USSR, Tsarev's resting place was uncovered by NATO officials overseeing the stepdown of the former USSR's military capability. After being told of the fall of his former home, and the cessation of hostilities for which he had trained, Tsarev traveled to the United States, to see how these former enemies could have possibly influenced the collapse of the motherland.

Several years later, Tsarev had realized the unique opportunity that his abilities allowed him in a free market setting. After rising through the ranks in a private military company, Tsarev became a member of the board of directors, but he did not stop there. His experience with corporate executives had left him with a sour taste in his mouth, and he decided that everything would be much better if all of the executive board were of one mind, of one purpose. Now Bourgeoisie runs his own military contracting company, and is quite interested in the developments of the famed scientist, Dr. Meredith Stinson, and their possible applications in the realm of private "peacekeeping" initiatives.


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