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Can promo cards be ordered?

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Can promo cards be ordered?

Hello all,

I'm relatively new to Sentinels of the Multiverse, just bought the Enhanced Edition after playing a few games with friends the past few months. Is it possible for new players to get the promo cards like the Freedom Six, Young Legacy, and Cosmic Omnitron? They aren't listed on the webstore but there is the replacement card page. Is it possible to order the promos through that page?

Thanks for the help.


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It isn't. The promos are mostly out of print. >G have none in stock as they were printed in limited quantities only. >G have said they have long range plans to reprint the, but not untl they've finished the SotM story so it'll be a coples of years. There exist print and play copies on boardgamegeek and Spiff's website but you can't buy the real thing at the moment.

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I believe you can get Cosmic Omnitron and Mad Bomber Blade in the Oversized Villain Pack, however.

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I believe cards like Young Legacy, Rook City Wraith, Horus Ra and Reedemer Fanatic are out of print.

Freedom Six, Dark Visionary, Greatest Legacy and Eternal Haka might still be available in conventions earned through sentinel points.


>G has mentioned they will print a full promo pack once the series is done. For now you can print them off from Boardgame geek: