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Bot9 -- wording suggestions

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Bot9 -- wording suggestions

I've had a chance to play my first full game of Bottom of the 9th and think it is great. It helps that I like baseball, but what I enjoy the most is the Stare Down and the real time dice rolling.


I think a better solution could be found for some of the terms. Right now, the pitcher's die has three results: B for Ball, S for Strike, and C for Corner. After the batter has swung, the final result of a pitch can be Ball, Strike, and Contact.


These terms have multiple problems:

  • Overloading: Both Ball and Strike are used in two different contexts.
  • Confusion: C is used for Painting the Corner, but in part because of the first problem, players consistently think it means Contact.



  • Change the pitchers die terms from Ball/Strike to something like In-the-Zone/Out-of-the-Zone (IZ/OZ)
  • Change the letter used for Painting the Corner to 'P'

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I'm not sure if it's because I don't watch much baseball or not but what you've suggested above seems more confusing to me.   I'm happy with what it is currently.   My issue in the rulebook is that there are assumptions made but those did get clarified on the FAQ on BGG.  

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