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Bot9: 5 Ladies & A Legacy Manager's Challenge

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Bot9: 5 Ladies & A Legacy Manager's Challenge

(I don't know if this is the proper place for this, so a mod can move it if necessary).
Over the past couple of days I did a Manager's Challenge. For fun, I thought I'd pick a team of all women. The best I could do according to the rules is five women (two women had the same position), so I added Legacy as my 6th player (because I just like him).
The Lineup:
- Tachyon
- Legacy
- Tiff McGriff
- Kelly Rumble
- Toshiko Kansai
- Whitney Worldwide
Game 1 was the default "Play Ball!" Tachyon, and Legacy got on base in short order. McGriff got thrown out. Rumble crushed a down-the-middle strike for a single. Toshiko then finished it off with an RBI single. Final Score: 1-0
Game 2 was an old fashioned game of "Small Ball." It was a real "Scorcher" out there. Tachyon struck out, but Legacy managed to hit a single. McGriff and Rumble followed up with singles of their own. 5LL was on a hitting streak! Rumble came up to bat and hit a long double to win the game. Final Score: 2-1
Game 3 was a situation of "Run Support," where the defense had "The Yips." Kelly Rumble was the heroine of the game again, hitting the game-winning homer. Final Score: 3-2
Game 4 was Part 1 of a "Double Header." Wake Louder was up to pitch. Some of the ladies & Legacy had problems with him before. With Tachyon at 3rd and Rumble at 2nd, Kansai hit a game winning double. Final Score: 2-1. 
Game 5 was Part 2 of a "Double Header." The "Wind Gusts" were pretty strong in this one. Things got worse, as Hurricane Patriss was up to close in the 9th. And he proved once again to be the clutch closer people claim he is, with 3 up, 3 down and preserving the win for the away team. Final Score: 0-1.
Game 6. Legacy had gotten into a slump the past couple of games, but the team needed him. It was time for a "Slump Buster." He was up against Expatriette, an excellent pitcher. With the score 0-1 and bases loaded, the pressure was on. Expatriette's first pitch was a near perfect "Strike 5" at Legacy. He swung...and crushed it! Back, back, back it went...425 feet! Grand Slam for the game! What a way to bust a slump. Final Score: 4-1
With 5 wins and 35 MP, 5 Ladies & A Legacy advanced to the playoffs. 
This was a fun play through, and I'm looking forward to playing again.