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Board Game Arena

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Board Game Arena

Is there a company position on BoardGameArena? I was thinking about what standard gateway games they don't have and realised there isn't really a Catan equivalent (with the engine building, trading etc). This is the place that Compounded has in my collection, and I feel like it would be a great addition to that site. I'd also say that Great Heartland Hauling Co, and Belle Of the Ball would also be great fits for the site, maybe even Fate Of The Elder Gods (not one I've played, but it reviewed well and there isn't a Cthulhu title on the platform at the moment...)

I just thought I'd ask informally that if someone had the interest in developing some titles of your's for that site, would you be open to the discussion? Is there a position on titles that you have apps for, e.g. not wanting to have something undermine the developers for those?