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Best One-Liners

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Best One-Liners

So we've talked about turning this into its own thread, and tonight we had another great RP one-liner, so lo and behold, what are some great in-characer or in-game one-liners you can think of in the SotM universe?

The original one from our group was when Absolute Zero redirected three different volcano hits onto the boss (and survived!) to finish him off and, turning around and walking away slowly, he says, "Have an ice day..."

Then tonight, my wife and I had a harder-than-expected fight against Mad Bomber Blade at the Pike Industrial Complex, but we pulled through in the end. We got him down to 3 hit points and figured we'd kill him the next turn after the rat took 2 points out. But alas, the environment flipped a second rat! So after Blade gets chomped by one rat and is about to get put down by the second, you hear him say, "Aw, rats!"

Yes, we're awful nerds. And hilarious ones.