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Best and worst heroes?

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true true and true flamethrower. Its not so cut and dried - which is why I still do not believe Expat and Mr Fixer are 'bad' in anyway XD. What they contribute to a game is not so easily noticed most of the time. 


I would say you just do a comparison for heros widely regarded as 'Damage' heroes (Fanatic, Ra, AbZero, Expat... ect) and go from there but even then- is Nightmist a Damage dealer? What about Tachyon? Building for those Lightspeed Barrages is the whole /point/ of her printed power XD


So... yeah :P In the end, its not something that can be reliably compared to for all heroes. Which is why the only factor of 'How many games have they won, vrs lost?" is the only way to compare, just becaues of the myriad of different possbilities and setups. Sucks, but it does show in the stats that Expat and Mr Fixer are right in the pack - ie, the 60-70% win rate range where, with a few exceptions such as Legacy who just dominates the charts - the majority of heroes fall. (to tie this all back around to ' are expat and mr fixer the worst heroes?)

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lynkfox wrote:


Koey wrote:
 flamethrower49 wrote:
Galvanize damage should, of course, be credited to Legacy.  Which is one thing that stands to make this somewhat complicated.  But I'll give it a try, when I remember, and have a bunch of extra time.  Only beatdowns for me today.  (Man, some of you are really looking forward to Iron Legacy.  Some of you aren't.) 


Does this mean Ra's +1 should also go to him? Or Visionary's +1/-1 card?

 I disagre entirely. Some heroes - Fanatic, Expatriette for example - do multiple small attacks. They become more powerful with Legacy around, and that should be reflected on /them/ (be like - game total damage 75 with Galvanize. Game b total damage 43) - because that doing multiple sources of damage is what /makes/ them so much more powerfull with just one or two +1 boosts, and that is a trait of them not of Legacy/ra/ect. 



Only reason I see giving those damage to Legacy interesting. As then we might have data to see the total damage difference contributed by Young Legacy versus Finest Legacy. 

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I agree with the notion that this thread should be less of "greatest/worse" heroes, and more of who's your "favorite/least" favorite and why? And if you don't like a certain character, what would you do to make them better without overpowering them? And seeming how this thread was written before some expansions were even available, I'd really like to see how people's opinions have changed now that there are a few more expansions out with new heroes and villains.

There's been a lot of discussion about how you rate a character based on damage output per game, which is a common way to rate how good a hero is. Furthermore, the credit of extra damage from a buff wouldn't count towards a given hero benefitting from said buff, but rather counts toward the source of the buff, such as legacys galvanize or an obsidian field, thus playing a factor on how good a character actually is without assistance or outside influence. However, isn't that one of the points of playing the game? Looking at the villain/environment/hero combo and choosing a character that will play efficiently in that particular scenario? One such example is the observation that expat doesn't do nearly enough damage for being primarily a damage dealer. However, if you throw some damage buff and hair trigger on her, she ends up being a monster damage dealer (granted targets are being played via the villain or environment decks). That's just something to consider with her before playing, and I think her design is much more hinged on the team combination, rather than being self sufficient like other heroes, let's say Haka. The issue with haka is that he primarily pushes for one big attack per turn, via savage man or haka of battle. While he does a great job dishing it out on his own, because he often uses only one attack per turn, he doesn't benefit as much from a damage buff like expat would, simply because she would do multiple instances of damage per round (In a perfect world). Given the right circumstances, I think both would be dishing out as much damage as each other per game. And that's ONLY talking about the damage aspect of the game, which is not the worth of all heroes. So then what it really comes down to is your play style preference. And I believe that that's the balance of the game. If it all gives on just one hero every game, I don't think it'd be as fun.