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Been doing lots of demos!

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Been doing lots of demos!

My local game store asked me to run lots of demos so that he could get enough interest allowing them to carry it.

Lots of people have stopped by and played the game and everyone that has looked at it and played it has been asking where to get it.

How have your stores been doing with SotM sales? Do you do lots of demos?

Gonna keep up the push at my FLGS and local Game Fair in November, as well. Any ideas as to what kind of support a demo representative (even a volunteer one) can get for this?

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That sounds great. I'd love to demo this game for people to spread the word and maybe get some people to get it online. Anything to generate more customers to fund the expansions. I'm currently in my first week of college at Western Kentucky University, and they've got a gamers' guild here I plan on going to on the Saturdays I'm not busy. I'm gonna try and introduce more people to this. Just because I want to.

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Our local gaming shop has games days every once in a while (with food and door prizes and lots of games available to demo) and I demoed the game with people earlier this month out there and met other Sentinels fans who had bought the game at GenCon! :)

Most game stores are run by people who love games and are just as excited about awesome new games as the rest of us.

@evandan457 - let us know how the demos with your college gaming group go!

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