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Baron Blade Scenario 3 - Do pylons count as allies?

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Baron Blade Scenario 3 - Do pylons count as allies?

Pylons are targets.  The heroes are trying to destroy them.  Is that enough to assume they are on Baron Blade's team, and thus Allies, and thus protected by any Living Force Field Generators that might be nearby?  Thematically it makes sense, but mechanically it seems like giving pylons 7 defense is pretty sweet for team BB.  If it were necessary for balance, I could easily accept an argument saying that Pylons are neutral structures, justified with some thematic technobabble like the "Hypocenter Inductor vibrations interfere with the proper functioning of the Friend or Foe algorithm used by the LFFG."

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I count the Pylons as non-enemies of Baron Blade so they don't suffer from Redirector or Disruptor, but no as allies because yeah, 7d defense is ridiculous.