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Ambuscade Automated Hunter and clocking device

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Ambuscade Automated Hunter and clocking device

okay, soo once the hunting drone attacks and is removed from the map where does it go? does the card go back into your hand or is it put out of play until you are incompacitated and it returns once you rally?


Also, can you constantly use the clocking device? you play it during the power up phase and during the to be continued phase it ambuscade dissapears. once the power up phase comes back around and the card returns to your hand, can you play it again or do you have to replace it with something else? making the clocking device only work every other turn.

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The Automated Hunter token goes back to wherever you are keeping it when not using it. The card stays in play, but you can put it back in your hand to play another power card during your next Power Up Phase.

Since the Cloaking Device goes back into your hand on your Power Up Phase, you cannot play it again. So yes, only use it every other turn.