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"Add Presence" Clarification: Volcano Looming High

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"Add Presence" Clarification: Volcano Looming High

I don't have Jagged Earth yet, so this topic could very well be invalidated by changes to Volcano Looming High. With that said, one of the thresholds in Powered By The Furnace Of The Earth says "Add one of your destroyed presence". Since the power is range 0, I would assume that a presence added this way must go to the land targeted by Powered By The Furnace Of The Earth, but I want to confirm.

Also, if there's a FAQ that already answers this question, adding Volcano Looming High to it's tags might be a good idea.

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You're correct. If a power targets a land, all instructions of that power are completed there unless the power explicitly says otherwise or the instruction cannot sensibly affect a land or its contents (e.g., the second and fourth thresholds of the innate in question, which have no effect on the island).