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2 games under my belt.. (A Newbies Thoughts)

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2 games under my belt.. (A Newbies Thoughts)

I tried as you guys suggested: 
Game 1: Baron Blade in Insula Primalis vs. Legacy/Tempest/Wraith. 
Result: VICTORY!
We actually won because Blade got killed by the volcano (after getting him down to 5 hp.) After the game I realized that the dinos should've been chomping on some of the Baron's underlings too (HP permitting) and that would've swung things even more in our favour. 
      Character thoughts:
Blade was pretty fun to play against. No complaints.
Legacy - (DIED, the second to last turn) Maybe I just got horrible draws but I hated the hell out of him until about the last 10 minutes of the game. Next Evolution just *shut down* the dinos that kept targeting him. He was a bit too tank-y for my tastes, I think. Plus, there wasn't really the synergy I was expecting. Wraith and Tempest were way more capable than he was. But his base Power was pretty useful.
Tempest - (Survived) My dad seemed to really enjoy him. I noticed my dad would often draw like 3 cards a turn, leaving him to try to figure out the best move (Localized Hurricane?). I'd definitely like to give him a try.
Wraith - (Survived) MY GIRL. Once she got Impromptu Invention, I had her grab Infrared Eyepiece (thanks to prereading a bit about the game and checking out Flamethrower49's excellent guides). That was where things basically fell apart for the poor ol' Baron.
Game 2: Baron Blade in Insula Primalis vs. Absolute Zero/Fantatic/Tachyon
Result: DEFEAT
Blade was kind of frustrating me this game. He actually didn't do too much but I'm already ready to start fighting someone else. The enviroment did NOT help. Lots of T-Rexes that just went wild on my heroes. 
     Character Thoughts:
Fanatic (Died first)- I liked Fantatic but she seemed like she could use someone to mitigate some of her damage. She was getting hit hard and often. She could heal, sure. But healing for one damage every few turns just wasn't cutting it.
Tachyon (Died Second) - I loved how fast she was. She doesn't seem that versatile but that's okay, she does really well at what she does. The only problem I ran into (more than once) was having my hand completely empty. That's kind of a bummer and really slowed her down.

Absolute Zero (Died Third: end of game.) - Seems pretty fun but his suit came in WAY too late to be of any help. I was able to heal once with him. The next turn one of Baron's mooks appeared and put an end to my comeback.

After playing two games, I think I might have overlooked Legacy a bit. Sure, he wasn't the most exciting character to play but he did a LOT to help the team out. 
Thoughts after two games? I'm REALLY enjoying SOTM. I just want to send a big THANK YOU to Greater Than Games and you fine helpful folks of the forums! The game is definitely a little complex at first but you guys did an excellent job helping me ease into the game. :)
Next up:
Omnitron in the Final Wasteland vs Visionary/Bunker/Ra 
I'll post about that after I finish the game.

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Legacy is a good tank, yeah. If you'd had out Danger Sense he'd've been able to ignore the dinos altogether (and the River of Lava, and the volcano, and the plants, and...) because it makes him immune to all environment damage (note that if an environment card causes him to hit himself, or someone else outside the environment to hit him, Danger Sense is of no use as it's not the environment actually doing the damage). He goes really well with Ra in Insula Primalis because of the sheer amount of extra damage Ra can get from that (potentially +7 damage - one from Galvanise, one from Inspiring Presence, a total of three from the Obsidian Fields if they call come out, and one from his own Staff and from Imbued Fire). Legacy is more about supporting the team but he does get to punch stuff occasionally (in which case the Nemesis bonus versus Blade can come in handy). Stuff like Take Down is good for a bit of control as well.

The Tempest card you're thinking of with all the draw would indeed be Localised Hurricane - causes Tempest to take +1 damage from everything (but you can cancel it out if you play his soak card, Otherworldly Resilience) but lets you nuke multiple targets and then draw some cards :).

Regarding your second game - Fanatic taking heaps of damage is normal for her. Check out one card in her deck, of which there is only a single copy - Wrathful Retribution. Often a game finisher, this is probably the biggest reason why you will want Fanatic to get beaten up as severely as possible :).

Sounds like you just had bad luck on Ab'Zero if you didn't manage to get his modules out until late - he has three copies of both of both of them and three or four copies of Onboard Modular Installation (which lets you search for a module as well as drawing and playing a card).

Anyway, got to dash off, have to go to work and I've left it a bit late posting this, oops lol.

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It sounds like you're doing well! The more games you play, the more you'll start to notice the nuances of each hero.

For example, you said you didn't like how Fanatic seemed to just keep getting pumled with damage and needed some mitigation. What if I told you that Fanatic loves to take damage? If theres ANY hero I'd want soaking all the damage, its Fanatic! Wrathful Retribution and her Ageis are her biggest tools to use the damage she takes as a weapon. If you still don't like her candle burning that hot and fast, the Redeemer Promo Fanatic is the damage mitigating powerhouse you probably are looking for.


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Glad to hear you're enjoying it!  Keep playing and get ready for Citizen Dawn :)


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Never worry about Fanatic taking too much damage--she's built to be that way. She wouldn't be a martyr otherwise! She's not what I would call a tank--she's just great at aggro.

You're free to do whatever you want to.

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It's more like whe doesn't fear death and attacks regardless the cost.  I love Fanatic.