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Before you ask a question, see if it is one of our Frequently Answered Questions!

I just purchased one of your games, and a one of the components is damaged or missing. Can you replace it?

Yes! Send an email with your address and a list of the missing or damaged components, along with a photograph, to contact@greaterthangames.com.

Can I purchase Sentinels of the Multiverse promo cards from your web store?

No. However, in a couple years, after the main story line of Sentinels of the Multiverse is concluded, we will be publishing an "unlimited edition" pack of all of the promo cards ever printed, which we will make available for sale.

I have a rules question about one of your games! Can you answer it?

You will get the best and fastest answer by posting on our forums!

Why do you charge so much for international shipping?

International shipping of fairly large, dense objects (like board games) is unfortunately incredibly expensive. The shipping rates on our web store reflect the actual shipping costs we pay to get items to your address, calculated by interfacing with our shipper's website. We do not include VAT or import charges in our shipping rates, and they will still apply to international orders. 

I would like to sleeve my SotM/GSF/Sentinel Tactics cards. What size are they?

The cards are Standard Card Game size (63.5mm x 88mm) and are printed on 350gsm cardstock.

Do you accept game design submissions?

We do! You can find the full guidelines on this process here

If you have received damaged cards or components and need to request new ones, please email us at contact@greaterthangames.com.

Still need help? Email us at: contact@greaterthangames.com