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Repeat Elemental Boon or Gift of Nature's Connection

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Repeat Elemental Boon or Gift of Nature's Connection

The wording on repeat seems a little ambiguous to me when it comes to Elemental Boon and Gift of Nature's power. It says that Repeating a Power lets you activate its effect again. It does not give you Elements again (you gain Elements for putting a Power Card in play, not for using its effect) and Repears cannot be chained (ignore any "Repeat" effects on a Repeated Power)

If I were to Repeat Elemental Boon or Gift of Nature would it give Elements again because those are part of the effect not part of playing the Power. If you can, those cards are particularly powerful for Downpour Drenches the World. Do the two behave differently because of the way the Elements are listed on the right hand side of the card?

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Hello, and welcome to the forums!

Most cards give you elements from playing them. Elemental Boon and Gift of Nature's Connection do not; they instead give you elements based on their powers. That gets repeated as normal, and you do get the elements again.

WRT Downpour, note that both of these powers target a spirit, and are thus not eligible for repeating with Pour Down Power across the Land.

There are generally more rules questions on BGG (or there's also a Discord, if that's you're style), but you're welcome to ask here too!