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Weekly One-Shot #253: Harbinger of Hallows

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Weekly One-Shot #253: Harbinger of Hallows

Things are getting spooky over in the Pike Industrial Complex! Black Spot Comodora, Void Akash, Benchmark, and good ol' Grandpa Legacy are scouting the Vats and run into that most horrible of foes, Progeny. Let the creepy combat begin!

Good Luck heroes.

Spoilers: Pretty easy Mint here, with everyone above 10. Progeny starts with two Scion of Blights, which hurts your early game options. I actually opted to not attack him at all the first round, just getting set up as much as I could. This did mean I didn't use a lot of powers, but I kept my cards. From there, it was a pretty straightforward fight. Legacy got out Motivational Charge and was healing whenever he could, Benchmark played as many Hardware and Software he could, and Akash and Comodora controlled what they could. Once the Toxic Vat came out, a Lead from the Front and Next Evolution meant the heroes no longer took damage from Progeny, which made things easier. Inspiring Presence and a bunch of discards under the toxic boosted missile battery blew up Progeny in a couple of rounds.


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I was more afraid of the environment than the villain, but yeah, surprisingly easy Mint. La Comodora being able to absorb a lot of the discards with Shipshape helped a tremendous amount.

I spent a lot of time using Comodora's power to discard from the environment deck, thinking it might help out Akash, but it kind of never did. :B

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Mint with everyone in the low teens.


Practice showed me that this a good team for this scenario that could vary their strategy. La Comodora & Greatest Legacy helped Akash'Thryia and Benchmark get crazy setup, plus Legacy is able to tank hits for the team. I typically kept Scion of Blight around for selective discards, as the formerly mentioned MVPs can discard to good effect, and La Comodora can also cycle her deck if certain cards are out.


Akash'Thyria trades off ease of moving Primodiral Seeds from her trash to the Enrionment, mind, but her power allows for extra card draws or plays plus damage from Seeds and all of her teamates can give her an extra power. Pretty soon you'll have the Pike Industrial Complex on lock. As both her and Benchmark can deal multiple instances of damage in a turn, it can outpace Scion of Frost so it's great to get damage boosts stacked on their turns.


Also a fun interaction: if Hour of Reckoning is in play and Akash'Thryia and La Comodora have filtered the Environment deck to have an Primordial Seed on top, that prevents the Environment deck from playing cards on its turn so you can have a quiet end of round.