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Local Diaspora affect only single land.

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Local Diaspora affect only single land.

Local Diaspora is only event that doesn't scale at all with number of players/boards. Whether 1 player or 4 players, the text as is affects only 1 land on the island.


Is that a typo/mistake? Or if not, I'm curious why this one event is different?

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There has been word in the past, so I would assume that it is intentional. As for why, I would guess it's because the results of it on one board could change which land it applies to on another board.

A single man
Standing alone in a field of swords
Blades borne to the unmoving air
An unchanging world as their sheathe
Preserved for eternity
This is my Origin
- Avalon, The Living Sheathe

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I might also guess that in a larger game, the single land with the most Invaders will tend to be more built-up.