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Weekly One-Shot 231 Field Trip

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Weekly One-Shot 231 Field Trip

Omintrion II (Cosmic Omnitron) attacks Visionary, Setting Son Ra and Eternal Haka in the Wagner Mars Base.


Good luck, heroes.

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The only good thing about three heroes against Cosmotron is H is low, so he outputs way less damage.

There's still nothing good about this fight. No ongoing destruction that I could find, though at least no one in the team deals the same type of damage, so you can kind of ignore the adaptive plating subroutines. Not really sure what will actually make you win, though.

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You should dig into Visionary's deck as she has a lot of counters that made this much easier.  

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Near Mint after a big derp the first game that cost me the win. Second game I did the same strategy and didn't derp for the win.

This is basically how it went. Omni plays both his Terraforming cards early, and that is followed by a Meteor Storm. Since he can no longer destroy environment cards, you can sit under them until he has gone through his entire deck. You can even start to set up after his second Singularity and Flechettes are played. I knew that the Drones were a problem on his flip side, so I wanted to dump them all in his trash before doing that, and a great card for that is Savage Mana. Combined with a Rampage, all the low hp drones would get eaten up. I built up a big hand for Haka, put out the Savage Mana, as was ready to clear the board first round then do a massive Haka of Battle/Mana attack to deal ~50 hp to Omnitron.

One teensy tiny little detail I forgot about what he had his Adaptive Plating out, and it was set to fire from Ra. And Ra had out Imbued Fire. So while all the drones were destroyed, Omni himself took no damage and so all his Components were still in play....

The next game I did the same except no Imbued Fire and Omni exploded.


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Mint at 7/10/10. 

Saw Ongoing destruction with Visionary, but never used it. Considering these three do primarily Psychic / Fire / Melee, the only trouble I ran into was when the same character would have the ability to do multiple hits a round. Still, there were ways around that.

Visionary: Passed around the card draw a little bit to everyone. Did some early damage. Suggested the early Tech Singularity back on to the deck since it would only hit Haka for 1 and whiff the other two. Later, just after Wrest the Mind came up, I had the chance to Suggest an EPE back on to the deck and blew it up in Omnitron's face to send it to single-digit HP.

Ra: Lots of fire, blew up three Staves, sometimes on the same turn (hit Visionary with the Flame Spike, then hit Omnitron with a fire and projectile power for 4 each). But mostly fire.

Haka: Mere turn 1 (lost it to the Singularity), then did whatever damage I could, either via Taiaha or Elbow Smash. I did Elbow Smash on turns when I had it, since I could build cards with the base power and still get a hit in. Dumped 6 cards to kill the EPE the first time it showed up, then dumped his hand right before the EPE came back out to give Omnitron a big ol' smack. Punish the Weak did good work on Omnitron since he rarely had any targets left by the time it was Haka's turn.

I did let Omni flip pretty early on and was decidedly not punished for it. It really slowed Omni down while I wailed on it.

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Omnitron always scares me a little bit, with his “destroy all hero ongoing cards and do a lot of damage” cards and “destroy all hero equipment cards and do a lot of damage” cards.  Luckily, I managed to only come across one “Technological Singularity” card and managed to dodge one “Sedated Flechettes” card (thanks Visionary!).
Had some initial ideas of how to proceed, some that worked and some that didn’t have a chance to come into play.
1) Ra does NOT play “Imbued Fire”!
2) Haka builds up cards in his hand to make a massive attack;
3) Visionary gets set up to manipulate Omnitron’s deck and destroy Omnitron’s ongoing cards;
4) Ra does NOT play “Imbued Fire”!.
Omnitron flipped on the start of round 2, and through some good card draws the heroes were able to keep it flipped the rest of the game.  I hadn’t planned on it, but Visionary played “Suggestion” two or three times to move a component from Omnitron's trash back on the top of Omnitron’s deck that effectively acted as a no-op, and every turn the heroes made sure to destroy any component.
While she did not do a lot of damage, Visionary might be MVP for this game.  Key play was when she used “Precognition” and was able to bury a “Sedated Flechettes” card and put “Electro-Pulse Explosive” card on top of Omnitron’s deck.  Why did she do that?  Because she had “Wrest the Mind” in her hand.  Omnitron played EPE, Visionary played “Wrest the Mind” on it and Omnitron was looking at a lot of damage from the EPE coming its way.  Right before this, the heroes pulled out all the stops, Ra doing about a dozen points of damage to Omnitron and Haka doing a massive 30+ points of damage.  Omnitron didn’t even survive the first hit from the redirected EPE.  I think Omnitron dropped from high 50s/low 60s hit points to -4 in one round.  I was not expecting that, but will take it.

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Finally beat it with a Mint. Not sure there's any particular strategy to follow, though I'll note that getting the EPE to line up with Visionary having Wrest the Mind took me a while. Finished the job though!

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I did a couple of practice rounds to figure things out.  First time was pretty easy (12/11/10), but then lost twice (61, then 7).  Then I dove into the one-shot.  First try, I had Omni down to 10 HP when I lost -- if I'd used "Suggestion" one more time earlier (to slow down his deck) I'm sure I would have won.  Got a Near Mint on the rematch, 1/7/7.  "Suggestion" for an end of round component is useful, and then again for EPE with Wrest the Mind...