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Building Heroes

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Building Heroes

So, who's built some cool heroes? Have you discovered any cool interactions and combos between the different themes and stances?

I played about four missions with my hero before I decided to rebuild him. I had this notion to try and make a space pilot with gravity manipulation powers, so I looked for pilot-y things and push-y powers, and ended up choosing Gadgets, Interceptor, and Combos. I found that Combos didn't add anything too useful after all, but Gadgets/Interceptor had a cool synergistic strategy. I could manually switch to Gadgets at the start of my activation, deploy some Auto-Turrets, and then end my activation in Interceptor. The turrets do a great job occupying and distracting bad guys, and then the Interceptor vigilance actions ran my guy all over the map so the enemies couldn't catch him. It was a really successful strategy, but I decided I didn't want to play the rest of the game that way.

So, I restarted and decided to keep Interceptor, just go with Blaster to give my space fighter some sci-fi energy pistols, and then I looked for something teleport-ish and ultimately picked Mobile Melee. I really like this combo! It's highly mobile; the Strafe attack from Interceptor ("Does the rolling help?") seems totally in keeping with the Leap attack and Melee-Move-Melee attack. I also like having the Flashbang for a support ability from Blaster stance - and I don't miss Blaster's lack of a vigilance action since Interceptor has two. Both Blaster/Interceptor and Mobile Melee/Interceptor give a good combination of focused offense, AoE, and stealthy defense/distraction.

Anybody found any other cool synergies?

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Not a synergy per se, but an efficient combo I stumbled onto.

I've had success with Interceptor/Tank. Interceptor with Mark Target+Light Intercept is excellent at wearing down opposition when there are multiple foes, while Tank with Tackle can do the same in close range scenarios. Meanwhile, Interceptor can use Strafe Shot to wear down opposition over time while moving, while Tank can crush multiple foes at once with Inspiring Strike or use Challenge to grab attention (and armor up) with relative frequency.
Plus, both Strafe Shot and Inspiring Strike and Challenge all cost 2 AP, meaning that you can often change stance once during your turn if you need to take particular actions.

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All I know is Tank is really great, though my hero has been ending up with lower and lower HP at the end of each mission as the game goes on.

So she's also got Support for healing. Though you really don't heal a lot in this game. <.<

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I have enjoyed Gadgets/Minions with a blaster. I just switch forms between activations so I can make sure my minions/turrets are always on the field and causing havoc while I get to shoot the bad guys a few times.


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I didn't have a hero build in mind going in, so I ended up making a run-and-gunner with Ranged and Interceptor. Having no idea what kind of traits to pick, I decided to max Overwatch range and activation chance and see what happened.

Oooohhhh lordy, its insane. My Overwatch range is literally the entire map, and every other bad guy action has my hero run halfway across the map. Planning where I will be next turn and what to do from there is impossible, but it seems the AI doesnt know what to do about it either. They come running, I interrupt and run around 2 corners and down a hallway, then they just kind of run back to where they were without doing anything. I can then pick off targets that are suddenly flanked and run off again if they try to retaliate. I am pretty good at making the best of a given situation (thanks, 4 years of DM'ing Pathfinder) so I have been having fun with the opportunities it creates.


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Possibly silly question - do any of the powersets let you make a speedster like Tachyon? Speedsters have always been my favorite archetype. 

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Interceptor and Mobile Melee might be a little speedster like.
Also max out AP with Support archetype and the other build options that raise AP at the cost of HP and you will be able to hit and move a lot ( and hope they don't hit you )
And otherwise just use Tachyon

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