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Accidentally cheating for a win...

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Accidentally cheating for a win...

Consider this a cautionary tale from a less experienced table. 

Just won a game with Green, Ocean, and Lightning, *barely* taking it thanks to Fear... and then we happened to read Indomitable Claim.

See, the whole time, we thought that Boon of Proliferation from Green meant you could add a Presence anywhere in range. It wasn’t until we saw Claim that we realised a key area we’d been holding thanks to Ocean... had been illegal the entire game. So even though we got a very tense win, we’re all feeling rather deflated...

Be careful with Ocean! It’s weird! And, additionally, has this kind of “accidental cheating” ever happened to you?

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Oh, all the time.  Accidentally targeting an illegal land with a target restriction and moving presence out of range of the land I targeted are the two mistakes I make pretty frequently.

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Not only do I know accidental cheating has won us games, I'm willing to bet it's happened even more than I know. :-\ There's a lot of things to track on this game! (Which is why I REALLY want to see the digital version be successful!!! :-( )

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I've definitely sometimes forgotten to do started the Ravage, had a bunch of stuff to do in one of the lands (say, damage was dealt but then the Dahan fight back and kill a bunch of stuff so I have to add Fear and maybe that gives us a Fear card or whatever), then forgotten to complete the Ravage in other lands and gone straight onto the Build. That's usually what it is, I think - some part of the Invader Phase taking a little longer than usual due to triggering unusual stuff to happen, then I forget to finish off the rest of that phase and thus the Invaders end up doing less stuff. Something like that, anyway. Plus any number of other things, as with Rabit, that I may not even notice :D.

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