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Weekly One-Shot 192 Dog Days

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Weekly One-Shot 192 Dog Days

Deadline has come to Magmeria to decimate he world. Fortunately, Ra, Stuntman, Freedom Five Absolute Zero, Lifeline and Supply and Demand Benchmark are there to cover things.

Goes down fairly standardly. Deadline starts with two Magnetic Pole Shifts, but Lifeline has an Unnatural Upheaval to deal with them, and Stuntman’s cards so he gets more fun. And after that it’s standard. Ra deals damage, AZ bounces around the map healthwise while freezing Deadline and the others play support. Magmaria never gets anything dangerous out.

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This was a fun and easy Mint. :) Five really strong damage dealers against Deadline aren't going to have much trouble to begin with.

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Minty beatdown by the heroes, something like 20/17/4/17/28 hp at the end. Benchmark was really high hp due to his hardware and AZ was really low due to just nuking down Lifeline on his last turn with 2x Impale + Hoarfire + Thermal Shockwave.

Nothing special, just decided to not put any ongoing/equipment out the first round to let the Pole Shifts go away. Still managed to destroy his Glaive and deal 10 damage to him that first round. After that, just slowly built up while blasting him down. He destroyed the environment a few times, but wasn't close to his win condition before he was close to dropping. Environment wasn't really a help nor hinderance, just kinda was there.


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Like the others posting here, I had a pretty strong win for the heroes. Also a fast win, with Ra incapacitating Deadline at the start of round 4.

Deadline never destroyed an environment card.  Lifeline played "Unnatural Upheaval" on his first turn to destroy two of Deadline's ongoing cards (and Stuntman's "Steal the Scene" to let Stuntman cut in and to up Lifeline's damage).  Lifeline then mined his deck looking for another "Unnatural Upheaval" which he used to destroy 3 more of Deadline's ongoing cards.

Every hero did their part, but poor Benchmark was just really getting set up when the fight ended.  I can see Benchmark saying, "Okay guys, let me just finish getting my hardware installed and my software booted and I'll be right... Oh, Deadline's down.  Sorry, guys."

The heroes ended at 23/22/14/19/29.




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Mint. Pretty standard Deadline game - he flipped once, but that really just let me bounce 5 more fire damage back at him from Absolute Zero... Abzolute Zero played pretty hot as it was clear he wasn’t going to last long and he dealt about 20 damage on his own in the last round (dropping to 3 hp) to finish Deadline off.

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Cake walk. 

No need to worry about ongoing destruction, your team will have a lot of it.


i made a few mistakes and still was nearly at full HP.


good game for completionist guise

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