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Remaining spirit spoilers

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Remaining spirit spoilers

Has anyone yet seen any spoilers for Shroud of Silent Mist/Downpour Drenches The World/Lure Of The Deep Wilderness? Thematically they got me hyped but haven't seen them on the kickstarter site yet.

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I'm sure we'll get writeups of them in time. Or else we'll just get the spirits in hand! :D

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Nothing about them had been released publicly yet other than the name and pictures that are shown on the kickstarter.  As a playtester I can, however, disclose that Downpour is a lot of fun. Can't comment on the others because I haven't had time to focus on most spirits.

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Can you share anything more on downpour? That's the spirit im most looking forward to actually, and there isn't any information on it yet unfortunately. Eric on bgg said it was kind of like rampant green and river surges. 

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Sorry playtesters aren't allowed to share any more details than are publically available, lest we find ourselves banned and stuff ;). However, if you happen to know anyone who is a playtester and end up playing a game with them, that's fine (as long as you don't then go blabbing about the new content online) :D.

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Yeah, what Ameena said. Though if you'll be at Who's Yer Con in Indy next month, I'm working on arranging a preview of current iterations of a something or two not used in previous tournaments.

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Yeah, I'll just add that I've done extensive testing with both Mist and Downpour, and they're both fun and unique.  I'll definitely continue to play them once I have them in print.

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