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Two box solution?

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Two box solution?

Unlike many of the people posting in the Single Box Solution thread, I'm extremely mechanically challenged and don't want to create my own solution to storage.  That said, I also don't want to need to separate out all expansion materials from the power, fear, and blight card stacks.  

So what's the best way of putting all the material (including the promos) back into the original two boxes without any cutting or purchase of supplies?

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I'm not entirely certain the best way, but I'd put all the Spirit Panels and their tokens (in baggies) in the Branch and Claw box, anbd everything else (Using baggies that came with the box for the tokens/invaders/ect) in the main. That way you can hand the branch and claw box around to players to pick spirits while someone else uses the other box to set up.


I might get a small cardboard cardbox for the cards - you can get one for a dollar or two usually at any game store, and that would work really nicely for the cards.

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I've been using the expansion box for most of the expansion content - expanded Invader board, all the new tokens (flattened out in their baggies in the top of the box so they fit :D), and the boards for Keeper and Sharp Fangs. I also keep the Major and Minor power decks there, in the two card-shaped holes in the plastic tray thingy. Everything else is in the main box. It would be nice if one box was big enough for everything, but sadly 'tis not to be unless I remove the trays, which I don't really want to do.

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I don't want to advertise for someone else's product, and I know you said that you didn't want to purchase supplies, but I did buy a foam core insert that came preassembled and all I had to do was put all the pieces in their correct spots. It does still require both boxes though as all the spirit boards are kept in the expansion boxes.  The only downsides was that it really cannot be stored on its side or else everything falls out making the insert silly and that it ended up being around $40 to 50.  I can send you a link to it if you'd like.