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Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon is live on Kickstarter!

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Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon is live on Kickstarter! We just launched at 10 AM on February 9th, and, at the time of this update, we are nearly funded! You have until Friday, March 11th to back for OblivAeon and the Ultimate Collector's Case, variant cards, foil variant cards, and more!

But why just talk about it here? Go check out the Kickstarter page now!


This post has been live for not less than 3 hours and has not been commented upon yet... Odd. By the way, at the time of writing this, the campaign has garnered more than $275000 in pledges. Awesome work!

I'm so excited to see the stretch goals we've unlocked! My friends, family and I love this game! We're excited for the next expansion, sad that it's understandably the last. Already started my Tactics collection, yet to play though. Looking forward to the RPG! Thank you for bringing this Multiverse to our homes!

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I tried asking a question on there, but it got buried under a sea of comments, so I'll try asking here:

Is the Collector's Case a Kickstarter exclusive? If not, is it limited in quantity? Or will it be produced as long as it's making money?

Also, the Q&A says that the case with the foil cards is only 10 USD more than without- yet the actual pledge level is 30 USD more.

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The Collector's Case will be produced after the Kickstarter as long as it is making money, but it may have a higher MSRP than the price on Kickstarter.


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Thank you for the clairfication.

Freedom Four Annual #1;

the long-form descriptions of the various heroes and villains and environments which are currently found only on the website;

the long-form descriptions of the variant heroes and villains, which are currently *very* hard to find (they're mostly only in the original promotional blog entries or Kickstarters);

other long-form descriptions which are languishing in old blog entries or Kickstarters and have never been put into print;


I'd really, really like to see all this in a printed "rulebook-format" booklet.  To put in my collector's box.  So I can explain the backstory for everything to people at my gaming club, which does not have Internet access, without having to memorize it.

A fully consolidated version of the rulebook with all the errata and major FAQs included would be awesome, too.

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With the first update, they said there's really not going to be any more stretch goals than what they posted with that update- so while there are two that are still locked and unknown to us, they already have them firmly in place.

And considering how big  the 500k one was, I'm betting these last two are pretty special...

if the last product in the storyline left us with most of the story actually scattered over stale pages on the web.  It's just *sloppy*.

I mean, they tossed in various "enhancements" for the collectors' box in the previous goals... it's not like this would require actual creative work.

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They may have something like that already planned, they may not. Speculating and hoping is all well and good, but I don't think us requesting something is really going to have much of an effect at this point.

Strategies, profiles, more variants, character hero/villain crossovers, alternate decks, crossover characters from tactics, printed comics, vengeance decks for some of the smaller nemesis villains, character decks from "¿QUANDO? ¡AHORA!", or other stuff! I'm SO excited!