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Fifth Anniversary Multiverse Month and More and upcoming projects!

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Happy New Year, Greater Than Fans!

This is quite the update for you all. 2015 was really a year for us. We shipped out Wrath of the Cosmos. Dice Hate Me Games joined the team. We sold out of the second edition of Compounded and received the reprint. Bottom of the 9th, New Bedford, and Spirit Island went like gangbusters on Kickstarter. And it's all thanks to you! You really are the best, and I can't wait to start 2016 with you.

Fifth Anniversary Multiverse Month and More

The first item on the agenda here is to tell you about Multiverse Month. This went so well last year that we want to make it an annual occurence. 2016 is a really exciting year to be doing this, also, because this marks our fifth anniversary as Greater Than Games! To that end, we really want to make Multiverse Month something special.

We really love getting stores, the gathering place for heroes like you, in on the fun. So, first of all, let's talk about the Multiverse Month and More events. The weekend of January 23rd, we would love folks to gather at stores to play Sentinels of the Multiverse! To help encourage that, we would love to send retailers packs of promo cards to distribute to players. After that, we'll skipping a week for PAX South. Then, the weekend of February 6th, it's two-player weekend, focusing on some of our great two-player games like Deck Building: The Deck Building Game and Bottom of the 9th. For this weekend, we also have some great promos for both of those games to send to stores. Then, the following weekend of February 13th, it's time to play Compounded. And you guessed it, we have promos to send along!

If you are a retailer and would like to participate, just send me an email to craig@greaterthangames.com, and we'll get things sorted out. If you're not a retailer, but you want to join in the fun, pass this along to them! The window to get promos will be open until the end of the day on Friday, January 15th, so don't waste any time! Unfortunately, I can only extend this offer to retailers at this time, however.

Fifth Anniversary Multiverse Month and More Sales

You're not a retailer, you say? Well, you can still take advantage of Multiverse Month with some sales on our web store. Starting on Tuesday, January 19th and going until Tuesday, February 16th, we'll be offering some really great deals on a few select items. First of all, you can get Galactic Strike Force bundled with Guardians of Volneth and the miniatures for only $29.95! Also, if you've been holding off getting miniatures for Sentinel Tactics, this is definitely the time to do that; we'll have them all on sale for 50% off. The newly-reprinted Compounded gets a deal, too; it will be $29.95, and we'll throw in a free copy of its Chemical Chaos expansion! Finally, we have several small Rabbit games like Easy Breezy Travel Agency, The Fittest, and Isle of Trains, and you can get any three of them for only $10 total.

Upcoming Projects

We have so much in stock for you in 2016. I personally can't wait to start sending out New Bedford and Spirit Island, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of Spirit Island, we're going to be starting a preorder for that on Tuesday, January 19th, as well, just in case you might have missed the Kickstarter! We'll also be launching the Sentinel Comics RPG this year. Don't worry too much about that; there's plenty more to come, that you may even be able to watch...

The one I'm most immediately excited about is just around the corner! On January 19th, we'll be launching The TC Petty III Experience on Kickstarter. Who's TC Petty III, you may ask? Well, I'm sure that TC would be shocked that you don't already know him. He's the mind behind VivaJava: The Coffee Game and VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game, as well as maybe one other game from some other guys. This time around, he's giving you the ground floor opportunity to get not one, but two of his brand new games! Don't Get Eated and Club Zen are the two latest and greatest from TC Petty III. Don't Get Eated is a social card game all about positive player interaction, working together to master challenges, and becoming the top animal on the food chain without getting eated yourself. Club Zen brings it back down with some more positive player interaction in a cool Euro-game package. Instead of the chicken-eat-horse world of Don't Get Eated, you'll find yourself balancing work and life on a tropical resort in this brain-bending worker placement game. We hope to see you there!

Thank you again for making 2015 so amazing. Let's all work together to make 2016 even better.


hoping to get my FLGS on board with the promo events.

will some of the kickstarter items be available with the preorder of spirit island?

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I've sent an e-Mail to Zia Comics of Las Cruces, NM about your promotions; hopefully this will bring about some new Sentinels players.

Any chance Broken City and For Profit will have their miniatures available for preodrer during the sale?

Anyway we can keep a list this time on who is holding events for those of us who may have to travel an hour or 2.

Subjects says it all. Seems like again they 2ant to sale new and not mention what they still need to finish.

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"We have so much in stock for you in 2016. I personally can't wait to start sending out New Bedford and Spirit Island, and that's only the tip of the iceberg."

I also posted updates on both of the Kickstarters for these projects, as well as a post about Battle for Broken City and For Profit in the Preorder Updates blog.

Are the promos associated with the month a new set of promos or are they ways to get previously released promo sets. Previous to the most recent christmas guise and termi-nation promos?

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They are going to be the newest set of promos. They will not be exclusive to these events.

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Drat, for a moment you had me hoping we'd be getting the Freedom Five barbecue promo pack, where Legacy flips burgers, Tachyon takes a nap, and Absolute Zero offers frosty drinks from a built-in keggerator.

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I let my local stores know about the 23rd on Facebook. Hopefully some of them pick up on it!

I have 15 confirmed going so far between the local boardgame meetup group and facebook!



We have about 20 people coming to play Sentinels and no promotional material came.   I'm going to have to hand out my own personal collection of promos which is going to cost me some $.sad